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HomeShrubsFor hedgingAcmena smithii 'Hot Flush' 200mm  
Acmena smithii 'Hot Flush' 200mm

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Hot Flush is a hardy, versatile and fast growing Acmena smithii. This plant grows 3m high and 1.5m wide and is very suitable for windbreaks, hedges or as a pot specimen. Hot Flush displays brilliant flushes of burgundy, hot pink, lime and bronze foliage. These flushes are stronger and more prolonged with regular watering and the application of fertiliser. Suitable for most soil conditions, Hot Flush will tolerant full sun or part shade. For a Hot Flush screen in your garden, space plants approximately 75cm apart for a quick result. However, plants can be spaced up to 1.5m apart if time is not an issue. Water well until established, and trim plants to required height and shape.