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Acer palmatum Atropurpureum - 45 L


RRP: $195.00

Our Price : $150.00

You save: $45.00 (23%)
A small, dense tree with excellent year-round colour. Magnificent bronze-purple foliage is combined with a good shape and a useful size to make an attractive specimen tree for a protected area in the landscape. Height to 3.5 metres. Width to 3 metres. Growth rate: Slow to moderate. Habit: Densely rounded at maturity. Faster growing when young. Foliage: Five-lobed, rich crimson-red new leaves in spring, turning to bronze-green in summer, and then finally to rich crimson-red in autumn. Flowers: Inconspicuous. Adaptable to a range of soil types once established, but prefers a moist, well drained soil.

Acer x freemanii cv. Jeffersred Autumn blaze 45lt


RRP: $195.00

Our Price : $150.00

You save: $45.00 (23%)
Vibrant red in Autumn, rich green in Summer this hybrid maple has a very uniform upright shape forming an oval canopy of lovely dense foliage. A hardy speciman tolerant of heat, wet sites, air pollution , dry and cool climates. A great shade tree.

Acmena 'Allyn Magic' 200mm


RRP: $17.25

Our Price : $16.95

You save: $0.30 (2%)
Acmena 'Allyn Magic' is a tried and true lilly pilly. A fantastic dwarf form of this species, low mounding shrub with naturally dense habit and red new growth. Fleshy pink berries follow cream fluffy flowers. The berries are edible. Birds love both the flowers and fruit. Ideal for topiary, low hedging and borders or as a tub or patio specimen.

Acmena Smithii Var. Minor 45 L


RRP: $140.00

Our Price : $125.00

You save: $15.00 (11%)
A smaller growing, bushy variety with shiny dark green foliage and attractive bronze coloured new growth. Will produce masses of small creamy-white flowers followed by mauve berries in winter if kept untrimmed. CULTURAL - Prefers a full sun or part shade position for best results and can be trimmed or hedged to shape if required. Regular trimming will produce more colourful new growth and keep the plant bushy. Will tolerate dry conditions once established and is reasonably frost tolerant. For best results fertilise with a slow release fertilizer in Spring. Like all the other forms of Acmena smithii this plant will not get leaf damage from psyllids. LANDSCAPE USE An excellent native plant for 1-3m high hedging or screening. It can also be used for topiary shapes or standards, and its attractive foliage will blend well into most garden styles.

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