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Choosing plants

Choosing your plants
Choosing plants is always a difficult task. Some things that you should be mindful of when choosing plants are:-

  • Climate - Which plants are best suited to the climate conditions in your area. Be mindful of factors such as frost, rainfall, temperature and humidity.
  • Growth - How big does it grow and how quickly? Does it have invasive roots that may block drains or lift footpaths or buildings. Is it deciduous so it provides shade in summer and allows light and warmth in winter. Could the plant become invasive?
  • Time of Planting - Avoid planting on hot or windy days as plants are more likely to dry out in these conditions. Majority of deciduous trees are usually planted in early winter, as are all bare rooted plants, because this is when they are available from the grower. If plants are likely to get a lot of attention, they can be planted successfully at almost any time of year. Autumn is the best time to plant as this allows plants to establish before the harsher months
· Camellia's
· Mulching your garden