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Alternanthera Dentata (Exhibition Border) 150mm


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A low growing perennial with attractive burgundy leaves. In winter the flowers appear in whitish to creamy clusters, surrounded by small bracts with finely lacerated tips. The plant is mainly grown for its coloured foliage effect and is often trimmed back to remove the flowers.

Carpobrotus Glaucescens (Pigface) 150mm


RRP: $8.95

Our Price : $7.95

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Carpobrotus glaucescens is a prostrate, creeping succulent that has long trailing stems to 2 m long, which root at nodes along the stems. The plant grows to form a groundcover that can cover a large area. The plant produces large, striking, deep pink-purple daisy-like flowers from October to January, but also can flower sporadically throughout the year. The plant produces a red-purple berry fruit, which was used by the native aborigines as a food source. The flesh of the fruit is said to have a taste similar to salty apples. The roasted leaves have been used as a salt substitute. Early European explorers used the plant as an anti-scurvy treatment. The juice of the leaves can also be used to relieve pain from insect bites.

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