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What is a Fast Growing Hedge Plant?This would have to be one of the most common questions we get asked.  The answer to this, really depends on your situation.  Things that should be taken into consideration when trying to select a suitable plant for hedging is as follows:-

Aspect of Area- Is the area Shade/Sun/Part-shade Position?
Soil Condition - What is the quality of soil.  Is the soil sandy, loam or clay?
Water Retention - Has the area got good drainage, or does it retain water and get boggy when rains, or is it at the bottom of a slope and water pools in the area?  Is it dry? 

The following species are suitable for hedging:-

Acmena Smithii - Will grow to 6 metres, but are very versatile plants.  These plants will tolerate all aspects, they don't mind the full sun, part shade or full shade position.  So if you are planning to hedge an area that gets half full sun and half full shade along a boundry this plant is very suitable.  Not only does it tolerate all aspects of light, it also tolerates all types of soil and water retention.  They don't mind "wet feet" and they can cope during dry spells.  Like most plants thou, they do need to be watered reguarly to prevent losses. Acmena Smithii is probably one of the most popular hedge/screening plants on the market.   These plants are reasonably shallow rooted therefore a perfect around pools or near driveways, pavers etc where you might be concerned with the root system doing damage.  Although these plants can grow to 6 metres at maturity, it is very common to prune at a more manageable height.  If you prefer a more boxed up hedge, you can prune at 2-3 metres and maintain with a pole pruner.  These plants need to be pruned bi-annually to retain dense foliage.  If you don't prune you will get a more natural screening affect.  These plants are native to Australia (Qld) and attract bird life, if left unpruned.  If you don't want these plants to flower all you need to do is prune the flowers off when they are going into bud and this will prevent any flowers or berries appearing on the plant.