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Cyathea cooperi 200mm


RRP: $27.99

Our Price : $25.00

You save: $2.99 (11%)
Cyathea cooperi, also known as the Australian tree fern, lacy tree fern, scaly tree fern, or Cooper’s tree fern, is a medium-to-large, fast growing tree fern native to Australia. This fern grows to 15 metres (49 ft) in height with a 12-inch (30 cm) thick trunk. The apex of the trunk and unfurling crosiers are particularly attractive, covered as they are with conspicuous long, silky, straw colored scales. The crown is widely spread and the light green fronds may reach a length of 4–6 metres (13–20 ft).

Dianella caerulea Breeze 150mm


RRP: $9.95

Our Price : $8.95

You save: $1.00 (10%)
Unlike the common variety of Dianella caerulea, Breeze has no messy straw brown canes that often fall over. Dianella Caerulea is a great plant for commercial and residential landscaping. The only problem is as it gets older, it becomes untidy. Breeze solves this problem by providing a 'no cane' variety, that does not have above ground canes. Dianella caerulea 'DNC0' BREEZE, is the tidy tough ground cover plant, that is 40% larger than Little Jess. Grows 70cm high with a spread of 65cm. Drought Tolerant Dianella caerulea is known as one of the most drought hardy plants available. Frost Tolerant Able to cope well with even the cold frosts of Canberra. Humidity & Heat Tolerant Able to cope with the humidity of Darwin, and the heat of inland Australia. Low Maintenance Trim approximately once every 5 to 8 years.

Dianella revoluta Little Rev 150mm


RRP: $12.99

Our Price : $8.95

You save: $4.04 (31%)
A plant with excellent appearance and a unique look, with its brilliant blue upright foliage. This is a very hardy plant that will require little maintenance once established. Cold Tolerance Little Rev has good cold tolerance, performing in most areas of Australia and generally remaining evergreen, with a blue colour.Size Dianella Little Rev has an average mature height of around 30cm-40cm, which makes it ideal for roadsides, median strips, roundabouts, car parks, golf courses and ornamental gardens throughout Australia. Little Rev is the perfect roadside plant with a beautiful blue-grey texture.

Dianella revoluta Tas Red 150mm


RRP: $12.99

Our Price : $8.95

You save: $4.04 (31%)
Description: This drought and frost tolerant plant finally gives designer gardens a native flax that changes colour throughout the seasons. Dianella tasmanica is a hardy plant, and Tas red will make a great native alternative to New Zealand flax. With its deep red flower stems, and its beautiful blue and yellow flowers, Tas red certainly puts on a show in spring. In summer its flowers make way for large, bold eyecatching purple berries. This hardy drought tolerant plant likes to show off its colour when under stress. The foliage colour change can be influenced by fertiliser, soil type, and temperature variation, the changes listed below are a general guide only. Winter: Green with yellow tones, red margins and a red base. Often whole leaves will have red tones. Tasred will have extra red tones in the cooler areas of the Australia particularly in areas with heavy frost. Spring: Usually yellow tones, with some green and a red base. Summer: Generally has green foliage. Autumn: Usually green, with some yellow tones, and a red base.

Fraxinus Griffithii (Evergreen Ash) 75 Litre


RRP: $499.00

Our Price : $295.00

You save: $204.00 (41%)
Quick growing small tree with attractive foliage. During spring small white flowers appear followed by large decorative white winged seed. Normally evergreen but semi-deciduous in cooler areas. Grows to 8 metres high and 4 metres wide

Gardenia Magnifica 200mm


RRP: $17.25

Our Price : $14.50

You save: $2.75 (16%)
Average Height: 1.5 – 2m x 1.5 – 2m Soil: Tolerant of most soils. Prefers well drained acidic moist soil with plenty of mulch. Prefers regular feeding to keep foliage lush and good flowering. Aspect: Full sun to part shade. Foliage: Rich dark green shiny foliage. Foliage larger than G florida. Flowers: Fragrant white waxy flowers are very double. Flowering time late spring and spot flowering through warmer months. Flowers larger than G. florida. Uses: Borders hedges partly shaded gardens fragrant gardens. Also good for pots and topiary work. Features: Beautiful double white flowers with gorgeous perfume lovely shiny green foliage

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