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HomeHedging/ScreeningGrow to 3-6mViburnum Odoratissum (Sweet Viburnum) 20cm Pot  
Viburnum Odoratissum (Sweet Viburnum) 20cm Pot


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Excellent Hedge plant. Can grow up to 3 metres in height. Provides great coverage and dense shiny foliage. large leaves.

Common Questions:

How long will it take to get this plant to approx 2 metres in height and hedged?  It will only take approx 2-3 years if you plant in this pot size.

What is the recommended spacing for Viburnum? In prinicipal the recommended spacing for Viburnum is 3 per metre, but this often depends on the size pot you initially buy.  For 20cm Pot size we recommend 3 per metre (or every 500mm to 700mm apart) depending on your budget and patience in establishing a box hedge quickly.

How often will I need to prune this type of plant? Viburnum only requires pruning twice a year.  This can be done  in Autumn or Spring.  Remember to always feed your plants at the same time as pruning, to encourage new growth.  Never prune in the middle of the day when it is very hot as the plants will suffer from stress and may begin to wilt.  Always prune early morning or late afternoon.

Will I wait until the plant reaches my desired height before pruning? No, you should prune at least twice a year to ensure new foliage is growing from the base of the plant right up to the top.  If you leave your plants without pruning regularly, the plant will become woody and it will be difficult to cut back when they are at a mature age without damaging the structure of the plant.  You want nice new growth appearing right throughout every branch so you can box up without having holes in your hedge.

How can I increase the growth of the plant?   The answer is ensure you fertilise regularly (at least twice a year with a slow release fertiliser 6 month release) and ensure adequate water is delivered.  You should also ensure plenty of mulch is applied (At least 3-4 inches thick).  You can use any type of mulch such as pine bark, leaf mulch, euc mulch, tea tree, sugar cane or forest blend.  This will make a huge difference to the growth of your plants.